About ETRA

East Texas Roofing Alliance

Who We Are

The East Texas Roofing Alliance, or ETRA, is the East Texas Chapter of the Roofing Contractors Association, or RCAT. We are proud that our members consist of the best roofing contractors throughout all of East Texas. Our members are subjected to strict qualifications in the application process and required to have final approval from our Board of Directors. Lastly, they MUST be endorsed by a current ETRA member – this is important because it requires another roofing contractor to put their name and reputation on the line.

Our members MUST be in good standing with the following entities:

1. Local City Building Safety Department

2. Better Business Bureau with B+ rating or higher

3. Local Supply Companies

While it is not required to be licensed by RCAT, several of our members have completed the requirements to obtain their RCAT license in residential and/or commercial roofing. What is required, though, is that all members must be endorsed by an RCAT licensed member. So in order for a roofing contractor to join ETRA, one of our top-level members must vouch for the contractor and put their reputation on the line.

Our Purpose

To be candid, our top priority is to protect the consumers of our community: our neighbors, friends, and family. Whether it’s a problematic local roofer with questionable business practices or out-of-town contractors looking to make a quick buck off a major storm, our fellow consumers deserve the best roofers East Texas has to offer.

By all of our members coming together and forming this alliance, we now have a singular voice that we can use to benefit and protect East Texas consumers.

Through the creation of ETRA, finding a professional and trustworthy roofing contractor is easier than it’s ever been! Our members are hands down the best roofing contractors throughout East Texas. We’ve already reviewed and researched each roofer for you, so all that’s left for you is to choose!